Sasayama ARK

About ARK’s International Animal Welfare Centre at Sasayama.

Our new centre will be 9999 square metres on a 5.5 acres (7000 tsubo) site, about 1km from the village of Shitsukawa Shimo Aza, in Sasayama-shi.

You can see it on google maps here. It is about 40 minutes from our current centre in Nose.

The setting is idyllic: it is bounded on 3 sides by a river, and almost surrounded by high hills. It is a beautiful, peaceful and deeply tranquil spot, with spectacular views of the hillside in any season, but particularly in autumn.
Access is excellent: At one end of the site runs Route 37 between Sasayama and Sanda. Shin-Sanda station is 30 minutes from Shin-Osaka and 30 minutes away from the new site.(The bus became a waste line)

Staff will probably continue to live in their current accommodation and commute each day, but there will be a resident manager.

We undertook extensive discussions with the village before we bought the land: we wanted them to be fully aware and supportive of what we plan to do.

As of late 2011, the site has been levelled, drainage and sewerage systems installed, and fenced. We are now ready to start building: but we need more funds for the next stage.

To see how much it will all cost, and how you can help, see our sponsorship page.

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