ARK cares for and rehabilitates abandoned, stray, unwanted and ill-treated animals with the aim of finding them caring permanent homes. Our mission also includes expanding education on animals welfare to schools, clubs and organizations, to help disseminate the importance of animal welfare, in the hope that the cases of homelessness and abuse will decrease, eventually reducing the need for rescue and refuge operations.

Although ARK depends on the tireless services of hundreds of volunteers both in Kansai and Kanto, it is by the generosity of our donors that ARK is able to provide for veterinary costs including surgery, vaccinations and medicines; general maintenance of our facilities, utility and transport costs; and salaries of staff caring for the animals.

In addition to these consistent and recurring costs, we are now building our new facility in Sasayama, which we hope will be the first international animal welfare centre in Japan, built to international standards. Progress of the work in Sasayama may be viewed here.

Please consider assisting ARK in its work. Since ARK was awarded nintei status in 2016, your financial contribution is now deductible under Japanese tax law.


Donate Online

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PayPal does not allow donations per se. If you feel that ARK provides a “service”, please list the reason for payment as “payment for services”.

 For further details, please see our Online Donations FAQ.


Contribute Via Post Office or Bank Account

Please send your remittance to one of these accounts:

Post Office:

Osaka ARK Postal Account
No: 00900-0-151103
Animal Refuge Kansai

*When you arrange the remittance from other banks, please use the following information;
Japan Post Bank
099 branch
No. 0151103

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: ARK members and sponsors can now take advantage of a post office direct debit system (Account no: 14100-94350271) to have money transferred automatically from their account, to pay their membership fee or to support their special animal at ARK.

Tokyo ARK Postal Account: Donations can be made via the Post Office
No: 00940-0-250984

*When you arrange the remittance from other banks, please use the following information;
Japan Post Bank
099 branch
No. 0250984

Bank Accounts:

Account No.: 153-1472705
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Ikeda Branch
10-2, Sakaemachi, Ikeda-shi, Osaka, 563-0056, Japan


Account Number:790-5288059
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Ikeda Branch


Account Number:055-1693405
The Minato Bank Limited.
Kawanishi Branch

    In the UK Lloyds Bank Jersey
    Account name: Animal Refuge Kansai ARK
    Account number:1381476
    Sort code: 30-94-61
    BIC: LOYDJES 1001
    IBAN: GB85LOYD 3094-6101-3814 76

    Banks do not let us know the names and addresses of donors. Please let us know your name, address, telephone number, and donation type by email, telephone or fax. 
    Email:    Phone: 072-737-0712(1885) FAX: 072-737-1886

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