Work at Osaka/Sasayama ARK

Volunteer Positions

We always welcome people who are interested in volunteering at ARK. Your help makes a big difference to our current hard schedule and the welfare of the animals. If you are interested in volunteering or working at ARK, please contact us.

Position: Dog Walker
ARK needs help walking, grooming, and caring for the 200 dogs at the shelter. A walk provides exercise but more importantly it is a chance for the dog to release stress and spend time one-on-one with a person. Dog trainers welcome!
Position: Cat Socializer
Please give our cats cuddles! The staff often only have time to clean the pen and say a quick hello. The cats need more time with people and to be stroked and groomed. We would love your help!

Paid Positions

Please note that only those fluent in written and spoken Japanese with a current Japanese or international drivers’ license and an appropriate visa should apply unless otherwise stated.

Big/small, friendly/shy, mixed breeds/ purebreds, young/old, ARK has a mixture of animals in need of care. Do you love animals and want to work with them and for them? We often have job openings at Osaka ARK.

Note re OSAKA Nose Shelter Staff
Since our location is inconvenient for public transport, those who apply for jobs here need to be able to drive and have a car. We can offer a small one-room apartment at our dormitory near ARK, as accommodation. For more details please contact the ARK office.
Note for non-Japanese applying for jobs
As an NPO we are unable to sponsor a working visa. Only those with appropriate working visas, spouse visas or permanent residence will be considered.
At our OSAKA Nose Shelter we currently have opportunities for…
*A full time veterinarian
Must have Japanese veterinary license.
* Vet nurses
Should have experience working in a veterinary clinic and have basic spoken Japanese.
* Maintenance staff
This work includes; basic carpentry, repairs, animal rescues, taking animals to veterinary hospitals, taking or collecting from the airport, (sometimes accompanying animals to Tokyo) , gardening, collecting goods (donations), helping with events, helping with TNR of feral cats, helping with our new site in Sasayama (planting trees, clearing the land, cutting grass) and so on. Most of these jobs can be learnt on site with no special skills necessary but the work is physically demanding. However handling animals is also part of the work.

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