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Hi, I’m Jigen. My former owner did not spay/neuter dogs she kept. As the result, the number of my brothers and sisters increased and eventually I ended up living in a house with tens of dogs. One day she picked seven dogs including me and told us that she would come to pick us up when the move was completed. She handed us over to a young man I didn’t know. This was six years ago so I guess the move is not finished yet. Recently my pink nose, which is one of my attractive features, became very itchy and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was told that it was “auto-immune ailment.” It did not get better though the ARK staff tried all kinds of treatment. However, one medicine that the vet prescribed was very effective. Thanks to the medicine I am now free of the persisting itchiness for the first time and am able to smile again! The problem is that the medicine is very costly and I wish if I could get some part time jobs to help ARK cover this cost. I would be really happy if you could sponsor me. I get nervous when I meet a stranger for the first time but deep down I am really very fond of people. So please come to see me at ARK. And DON’T FORGET TO BRING SOME NICE SNACKS WITH YOU!!

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