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When I was just a year old, a girl brought me to ARK. She had been told by her father to take me to the hokensho as he said I was pregnant. But the kind daughter didn’t want me to be killed so she searched for a shelter and found ARK. It was a big shock for me finding myself in a totally new environment but the staff here offered me a quiet private space in a room off the office, where I gradually opened up my heart to them. Recently the staff thought it would be better for me to move to a more spacey room with other cats. However this plan didn’t work out. I was unable to pee and poo for three days due to the stress of a new environment. Now I am back in my old space. Maybe it is not so spacious as ARK staff would like for me but at least I feel safe and can relax. It may be difficult for me to find a new home, given my shy nature but I would love to see you and can play with a toy if you have time to spare for me.

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