Sponsor a pet

Are you a special person? Do you want to help animals but cannot have one of your very own? Sponsoring a pet at ARK is the answer!

Sponsored animals at ARK are those which have little chance of finding a good home. They may be old or have disabilities, they may need constant special care, some have been badly abused and others are fearful of people.

Sponsoring is a positive way to show your love for a special animal. All sponsors receive a copy of ARK’s quarterly newsletter – “A Voice for Animals” as well as a sponsorship certificate and photograph of your chosen animal. You are welcome to come and visit your sponsored pet as often as you like.

Sponsor These Animals!

How to become a sponsor

  • 1. Choose an animal you wish to sponsor from this page (scroll down).
    If you can’t decide, just choose ‘all’ sponsor dogs or cats.
  • 2. Choose a type of sponsorship.

    • Sponsorship 1 (helps feed one animal for a year) ¥3,000/month or ¥36,000/year
    • Sponsorship 2 (feeds and covers basic medical costs) ¥4,500/month or ¥54,000/year
    • Sponsorship 3 (also includes kenneling and maintenance costs) ¥6,000/month or ¥72,000/year
    • Sponsorship 4 (covers everything plus staff salaries to care for the animals) ¥12,500/month or ¥150,000/year
  • 3. Go to the sponsorship application page, where you will fill out an online sponsor form and submit it, and send your remittance to one of the bank accounts listed.
  • 4. Within 1-2 weeks, you will receive a sponsor certificate.

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