Membership payment

Steps to joining the ARK community

Please complete the following form, then forward the appropriate amount to ARK via your bank, post office or credit card. We will send your membership card within 2 weeks.

Please forward the membership fee to ARK within a month of completing the form. If this is not possible, please reapply.

Please note that if you send more than the required fee, the remainder will be accepted gratefully as a donation.

Methods of Payment

Bank and Post Office Accounts

【Post Office】
Account No.: 00900-0-151103
NPO Animal Refuge Kansai 
※ When sending money via other financial institutions, please use the following:
Yucho Bank
Branch 099
A/c no. 0151103
【Bank Accounts】
NPO Animal Refuge Kansai
Account No. 5288059 
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Ikeda Branch
NPO Animal Refuge Kansai
Account No. 1472705
Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank Ikeda Branch
【Credit Card】- Pay via credit card
※VISA、MasterCard、JCB cards only. Your card will be charged in Japanese Yen.
※Click your preferred paw
Please note:
Monthly fees are automatically deducted from your account on the 27th of each month
Annual fees are automatically deducted every 365 days
Click here to cancel your membership:
Cancel individual memberships
Cancel family memberships

Membership Application

Please complete all sections:

* Email
* Type of Membership
* Payment Method
* Name
* Postal Code
* Address
Telephone Number
Fax Number
* Contact Method
* Comments



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