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By becoming a member of ARK, you can help animals in a positive way. ARK’s activities revolve around the following:

  • The promotion of neutering to prevent the needless suffering of dogs and cats being born unwanted into the world;
  • The promotion of proper care by pet owners, through information regarding the care, handling and understanding of their pets, and other educational activities aimed at raising public awareness of animals’ needs;
  • The provision of shelter and treatment for lost and abandoned dogs and cats, and efforts to find them a new home; and
  • Lobbying governmental bodies to enforce the Animal Protection Law so as to make it truly effective.

Your help is vital if ARK is to achieve its goals.

Your membership fee includes a subscription to ARK’s magazine, A Voice for Animals. Your ARK Members Club Card will be sent out within ten days of receiving payment.

ARK Membership

Diamond Paw¥10,000/month or ¥120,000/year
Ruby Paw¥5,000/month or ¥60,000/year
Sapphire Paw¥3,000/month or ¥36,000/year
Pearl Paw¥1,000/month or ¥12,000/year

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