Tokyo Fostering Application

Fostering application form.

Thank you for considering fostering an animal from ARK. You will be directly contributing to finding a permanent loving home for one of the many dogs and cats currently at ARK. All of these animals deserve a happy life and a loving family of their own. We hope that by matching an animal to your family both you and the foster animal will enjoy some time together, and when the time comes to say goodbye you will have given this animal a very special gift: the gift of life. 

Preference will be given to those who can bring their foster cats or dogs to adoption fairs in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

It takes most people about 10 minutes to fill out this form. We suggest you read it right through before starting!

[Fields marked * are mandatory.]

Section 1 : About you…

* What is your name?
* Your main e-mail address?
* Please type that same email address again
Your mobile phone email address?
* What is your full home address?
If the animal will be kept at a different address, please write that too.
Main mobile phone number
Home phone number
Emergency contact number

Section 2 : About your family…

Please list all the adults (over 18) in your home.
Please list the names of children in your home, with their ages.
* Does the building you live in allow you to keep pets?
Please specify if there are any limitations to weight/size/number of animals you may keep in your building.
* Are you or any of your family members allergic to dogs and/or cats?

Section 3 : About animals you might foster…

* Why do you wish to become a foster family for animals from ARK?
* Please select the animal(s) you are able to foster.
… if other, please specify
* What is the maximum number of your chosen animal/animals that you would be able to foster at one time? Please give details: eg: one cat, or one cat and one dog etc. (If you are not sure at this stage, please enter “please discuss with me” in this field.)
* If notified in advance, are you able to bring your foster pet to adoption events?
* For how many hours would the animal be alone on your regular working days?
… roughly, from what time? (indicate am/pm)
… to what time? (indicate am/pm)
* What kind of environment would the animal be kept in?
* Where would the animal be living during the day?
* Where would the animal be living in the evening?
* Where would the animal be living while you are not home?

Section 4 : About your current pets (if any) …

*  Do you have any pets of your own?
(If you answer “No”, please move on to the next section.)
If you have dogs, please list their names, breeds, sex (M/F) and ages.
If you have cats, please list their names, breeds (‘Japan Cat’ if not known), sex (M/F) and ages.
If you have other types of pets, please list their names, types, sex (M/F) and ages.
Have all your dogs/cats been neutered/spayed?
Have all your dogs/cats been vaccinated?
Are all your dogs and cats in good health?
If you answered “No” to any of the last 3 questions, please give full details.
Do any of your dogs have a problem with aggressive behaviour?
If yes, please give details:

Section 5 : What you can offer an animal…

If you are able to foster a cat: cats and kittens need to be kept indoors. Are you able to offer this kind of shelter?
If you are able to foster a dog: will it be kept indoors and be provided with regular exercise/walks/affection?
If you have indicated that you would be prepared to foster a puppy, do you feel confident that you would be able to toilet train and socialize the animal?
* In an emergency, are you willing to take your foster pet to the vet and administer medication as necessary?
* If necessary are you able to isolate a foster pet from your own?
… can you isolate orphaned kittens?
* Would you be willing to allow potential adopters to visit the foster animal at your home?
* Would you allow a member of the ARK staff to visit your home to check on the welfare of your foster animal?

Section 6 : Other Information…

How did you hear about ARK? (Select all that apply)
Other means by which you heard about ARK, if any…
Please add any additional information or clarifications you would like us to consider.

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