Kumamoto Earthquake

【Update: April 20, 2016】
Two cats will be arriving in Tokyo shortly with their owners, who have fled Beppu after the earthquake and after-shocks. They will be placed in foster care until their owners can take them back.



【Update: April 22, 2016】
The two cats arrived safely and are happy and healthy.

Support for Displaced Animals in Kumamoto



Update: July 28, 2016
When their home was rendered unsafe by the earthquake in Kumamoto, the young couple above took their belongings – and their cats – and came to Tokyo to look for work and a pet-friendly apartment. Tokyo ARK took in their cats, Oliver and Winston.


Reunited after three months, the two cats were a little nervous in their new home but are definitely glad to have their family back!


ARK will continue to help evacuees from Kyushu and wishes all displaced families a speedy return to normalcy.








Animals displaced by the Kumamoto earthquake in southern Japan are in need of urgent help. ARK is standing by to prepare premises for a large influx while work is being carried out at the hardest hit areas by local affiliates. We will be putting our experience taking in hundreds of animals after the Tohoku tsunami (2011) and the Kobe earthquake (1995)
to good use.


Elizabeth Oliver



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