Rehomed animals from Tokyo


Arrived at ARK

December 2014




Born August 2012




Senryu found his first home as a kitten, but a few weeks after his arrival, he started displaying some rather anti-social behaviour. His family tried everything they, their vet and we could think of, but a year later, things were not heading in a good direction. Hoping that a change of environment would help Senryu calm down and be the lovable cat he can be, we invited him to come and stay in our office. We’ve had no problems with inappropriate toiletting, perhaps because we have no beds or sofas. His biting seems aggravated by enclosed spaces, so he has free reign of the office, which he seems to like. He’s passionately affectionate and adorable when he wants to be stroked, but when he’s had enough, watch out! There’s a sharp claw headed your way. He makes it abundantly clear that he loves company, but needs a person who can understand and respect his moods.


His somewhat anti-social behaviour led to his owners surrendering him to ARK.

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