Kit Kat


White tabby




3〜5 years old


He is a little shy with strangers at first, but once he knows you he is a total love bug. He loves belly rubs, kneading your leg (or the air) and is happy to entertain himself with a few toys. He was quite skinny when we took him in and he had an injury, so he had a full check-up at the Tokyo Feline Medical Center, where he was vaccinated and neutered. He had lice and fleas so bad that he had to be shaved. Now his hair has grown back so beautiful and soft and he is a lot bigger. He is perfectly happy and healthy. No issues with heart and kidneys, no teeth issues, and FIV/FeLV negative.


He started coming to our garden last November and we took him into our care in March and he has become very healthy (and a little fat). We already have 5 cats and he cannot stay with us forever (he has been living in our guest room) so we need to find him a good home. He would probably do better in a house without other cats (definitely not a male cat) or dogs (untested with dogs). Older children should be OK, especially if they have experience with cats.

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