2 years


Very good.

From Luli's rescuer

This is Luli, about 2 years old. She was found in front of my house with a tail injury. After a few weeks of food and water, the wound was still raw and got badly infected. She is very friendly and loves petting, so we trapped her and got her to the hospital for a tail surgery and neutering. She is staying in a sepatate room in the house, but it is getting too confined with her. Because there are three cats that don’t get along so well in the house, I am looking for an adopter who can take better care of her. Please give her a chance.

Health condition: Very good. Stool normal. She has negative test results on her blood test, dewormed and flea controlled with Broadline, neutered, and recovering from a tail amputation (certificates available). Her tail was originally 5-6 cm, and now it’s a cute stub of 2 cm.

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