A shelter hosts a myriad of cats and dogs. Many of them are “Zasshu” – nature’s perfect blend of breeds.
In Japan, where pedigrees are valued, not much attention has been paid to zasshu. ARK asks you to have another look at these one of a kind masterpieces. We hope you will see the beauty of a genuine original.

Zasshu Beauty posters are now available free of charge.

If you have a spot for a Zasshu Beauty poster at your school, home, business, local vet or pet supplies shop, we’ll send you up to 30 posters free of charge. All you need to pay is the postage!




Order your posters
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※You may select up to 10 posters using the drop-down menu. If you require more than 10, please note the number you would like in comments section.

Posters are available free of charge, but we ask that recipients provide postage fees.
Each package contains a maximum of 10 posters. Orders exceeding 10 posters will be sent in separate packages.
All posters ordered after April 7 will be sent by You-pack. Please refer to the chart below:

Yu-Pack parcel shipping fee from Tokyo (Tokyo)




※Approximate packaging weight:
1 package
A3 size:47g
A2 size:62g

Weight guidelines
・10 x A3 posters + packaging = approx. 250g
・10 x A2 posters + packaging = approx. 425g

Posters will be delivered shortly after orders are confirmed.

Poster types


A2 size:”Cats and Dogs”




A3 size:”Dogs” 




A3 size “Cats”




Please find a place for a Zasshu Beauty poster and help us spread the word!

〜 Contact Tokyo ARK directly for all enquiries 〜

Zasshu Beauty was produced by
Photography:Kyoko Harada, photographer
Design:Yoshihiko Miyasaka, Design Office02 

Thank you for your continuing support.


About Zasshu

Blended naturally over generations, zasshu suffer fewer congenital diseases than purebreds.

Strength & Adaptability
Just as all lifeforms have adapted to their environments throughout history, Zasshu have evolved to fit their physical surroundings and climate perfectly.

Japan’s Top Cats
The most popular breed of cat in Japan (more than 80% of all house cats) is none other than the zasshu! *(Japan Pet Food Association, 2014)

Kinked Tails
・Crooked tails
No-one can be sure of the origin of the ubiquitous kinked or “key shaped” tail, but many believe it is the result of long-tailed cats breeding with bob-tails.
According to ancient mythology, the long tails of cats, which would split into two and spawn magical creatures, so bob-tailed cats were prized. The further east you travel in Japan, the more long tailed cats you will see.

※Zasshu and Designer Mixes
Traditionally, each distinct type of dog was bred for a purpose over many generations. Unlike naturally mixed zasshu, dogs sold by pet shops, etc., as “designer mixes” are often bred only for the added retail value rarity can offer.


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