From Elizabeth Oliver

Moving Forward

ARK is moving forward. Next year we celebrate 30 years of animal welfare in Japan, but we have always maintained that a balance has to be kept; in terms of space available, animal numbers, enough staff to ensure each animal has the proper amount of care and money to fund this. The good news that ARK has been recognised as a Nintei NPO means that donors, especially corporate donors and also individuals can benefit from the tax breaks this offers them when they donate to ARK. In addition, the advent of this, our new website, which is more user friendly, easier to navigate and brings an extra dimension to the profiles of the animals we have at ARK and are trying to rehome. We are still developing the new site at Sasayama and Tokyo ARK is hard at work; Osaka is still home to the main shelter until Sasayama is completed.

Please join us on this road into the future, the happiness of so many animals depends on your support.

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