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【July 21 update】Support Ukrainian Animals



Thank you for  your continued support!
As we wrote in June, ARK has pledged its support to Ukrainians who have had to flee from their homeland with their pets and arrived safely in Japan.
Our support is ongoing, but we would like to share one very happy episode with you.

We have been in touch with a young Ukrainian woman since her arrival in Japan with her beloved cat.
Her cat completed Japanese quarantine in July. As the owner has not yet moved into pet-friendly accommodation, the cat will stay with an ARK family until cat and owner can be permanently reunited. 

ARK staff had the pleasure of accompanying the owner to quarantine and picking up her beautiful cat, Freya. 
It won’t be long now before the two can live together again. We’ll keep Freya happy and safe until then!

Thank you to each of you who has helped make this possible!

Financial support received as of June 30, 2022 ¥745,500

We ask your continued support and understanding.
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IMG_6281                                The happy pair! 
                                               July 18, 2022


It is been a month since we asked for help in our efforts to help animals from the Ukraine.

ARK carefully considered the best way to help and decided to use your generous donations to help Ukrainian animals whose families have brought them to Japan.

We are pleased to say that we have been able to extend assistance to families who have had to leave their country with their pets to escape the horrors of war.

While we would like to offer details of the way we have used your donations so far, ARK respects the privacy of the evacuees. After discussion with relevant people, we have decided not to publicise details at this time. We ask your understanding and continued support. ARK apologises for any concern this may cause and hopes to provide details once the evacuees have settled into new homes with their beloved pets. 

Financial support received as of May 31, 2022:  ¥278,500

ARK has applied 100% of your donations to helping evacuees and their pets.

We ask your continued support and understanding at this difficult time.

Please click here to contribute.

June 6, 2022


As the war in Ukraine moves into its second month, we are saddened every day by the scenes we see on our TV screens of the devastation there; the plight of women and children fleeing across borders into neighbouring countries, those still trapped underground in city basements and we can imagine the terror of the animals left there to starve. How can we help them? Some of our members and supporters have contacted us and asked how they can help. Although ARK has no direct contact with groups helping animals in Ukraine, we have turned for advice to Dogs Trust Worldwide, which supports ARK together with many other animal welfare organizations around the world. They have given us the contact details of some organizations; one a group helping animals inside Ukraine, the other on the Romanian border, helping people with their pets there, and their own appeal homepage. Please check the homepage details below of these groups on ways you can support them or support Dogs Trust’ efforts through ARK.  Donations are accepted by PayPal or credit card. We ask your support in making a difference to Ukrainian animals.


ARK also pledges support to Ukrainian refugees who have fled the war zone with their beloved pets. Please check our website for updates.


April 15, 2022




Support the Ukraine through ARK

Scan the QR codes below with your smartphone to donate by credit card, Google Pay or ApplePay. 

* If you choose ApplePay, please be sure to use Safari as your browser.
* To donate from a Mac device, please ensure that you are using macOS no earlier than 10.14.1 or iOS 12.1.
* Make sure the credit card registered with Apple Pay or Google Pay is valid. 

Donate via bank transfer:

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Ikeda Branch
Account:  1315229 Animal Refuge Kansai

1000 5000 10000 30000 50000 100000


You may also donate through the following organizations:


Ukraine support:


UPAW is working with Animal – and


Romanian support:


Dogs Trust support.


Also operating from within Japan is Petya Lowe, whose friends Alesa Shapovalova and Yana Finenko are running a shelter in Ukraine, now saving animals affected by the war.


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